Top 5 Tips for Choosing Designer Doors for Your Home

Home interior design is now receiving a lot of attention because most people spend a lot of time at home. It will therefore be important to understand how to choose doors for the interior of the house. Basically, there are five important tips from designers around the world to help you choose the door for your home!


Tip #1. Deciding on a Door is Best Done at the Project Stage

You will get advice from the designer on which doors to choose, depending on the specifics of your house. If you make a decision in the middle of the construction process, consult with the manager of the renovation team and with the designer. He/she will give you helpful advice on the manufacturer and help you to choose the right door for the exterior and interior.


Tip #2. Choose Your Material Carefully

What climate do you live in? Are you prepared to spend a lot of time and effort caring for the doors? How important is appearance to you? Answer these questions for yourself and the choice of material will be much easier. 

You can choose a door that creates a contrast with the flooring. Alternatively, the door can also be combined with furniture, but this is also individual. Most designers install a neutral door that is universal.


Tip #3. Choose a Door Shade

When choosing a shade, you should first answer the question of what role the door plays in interior design. If it is only a functional element, then choose neutral colors so that the door blends in with the interior. 

If you want to emphasize the door and make it a highlight of the interior of the house, the color should be more vivid. It is desirable to support the color of the door with several other objects of the same shade.


Tip #4. Value for Money

Whatever door you choose, always ask for the best value-for-money options which are metal and wood. 


Tip #5. Choosing a Manufacturer

Once the material and color have been determined, it is time to consider the manufacturer. 

Foreign doors are mainly made in China. They cost less than their domestic counterparts, but their quality is noticeably lower. 

If that option does not suit you, you can opt for domestic firms. Almost every one of them gives a guarantee and offers the service of a custom order. This means that you can order a door with non-standard dimensions and a special design. 

An important point: interior and exterior designer doors must have a manufacturer’s certificate. Make sure the doors consist with the WDMA standards that confirm the compliance of the models with official regulations and standards. Do not hesitate to ask for those from the consultants.  Also, pay attention to the warranty. The longer the warranty period, the better. 

Hopefully, the above tips will be handy in the process of redecorating your home.

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