Which Doors Do Designers Choose for Their Projects and Why?

Our home is our fortress. And a door is an important part of that fortress. Robust and sturdy, it protects us and our loved ones from the outside world, gives a sense of calm, comfort and, of course, is pleasing to the eye. But any inappropriate elements can spoil the general view. And we shouldn’t forget about safety and material.

This article will discuss the main design choices for doors. We’ll explain why these aspects are important and which requirements each of them is suitable for. It may help you decide which one is right for you!


Combination of Technology and Security

It is not just the appearance of doors that does not remain unchanged. Fashion trends and lifestyles dictate modern design solutions. Therefore, the industry is constantly evolving, both in terms of the used materials and technology. Many designers are now opting for doors made using cutting-edge technology. Therefore, these are mostly premium models.

Modern door models are likely to come up with new surprises in terms of design, opening mechanisms, and colors. Experimentation with texture, form, and technology is ongoing. This also applies to the security class. The ideal door has extra ribbing, concealed hinges, and safety pins.


Classic Vs Modern

The main design choice is divided into two polar directions: classic and modern. Classical interior doors always find a buyer, because they harmonize well with any interior. They remain fashionable regardless of rapidly changing trends.

Their basis is traditional construction and design as well as familiar wood tones. Modern door models are likely to offer new surprises in terms of design, opening mechanisms, and colors. This includes experiments in texture, form, and technology that are taking place all the time.


One-size-fits-all Approach

Of course, blending in is the designer’s main aim, since the door is the calling card of the room. By looking at the door, you can also tell what kind of taste the designer has. But sometimes a designer doesn’t need to put up fine wallpaper or designer furniture. It’s enough to have a glossy white door, which blends in well with any interior style, fills the room with shine, and adds depth to the room. However, it doesn’t always have to be white, and there are lots of other colors that will look great in the interior.


Entrance Doors

The entrance door must be chosen carefully because it must not only change the perception of the interior and exterior but also be particularly robust and secure. The entrance door must be burglary-proof, it should not let the cold inside and not let the heat out. This is done by taking the safest hinges: adjustable, concealed, with special protection against shearing.

If the front door is heavy, ball-bearing hinges are a good choice. If it’s relatively light, regular hinges are a good choice. The door should have a non-flammable seal around the perimeter and a special thermal break. They allow creating a harmonious design!

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