The Best Decorative Doors from the World’s Designers

The history of doors goes back more than a thousand years. During this time, classical and contemporary designers have managed to create new and creative ideas that transform a boring design into a work of art. The technology of our time makes it possible to design unique doors that are attractive not only because of their original appearance but also because of the way they work.

The Indian designers of the renowned Matharoo Associates have created a door construction. It opens like a huge fan, the plates of which are made of yew. Other top door options from global designers are as follows.


Clemens Torggler’s Flip-Panel Door

Australian Clemens Torggler has concentrated on the unusual shape of the door leaf. It consists of several moving squares. He also invented an absolutely unique mechanism of opening, which is based on the rotation of these squares. Thanks to this, the door not only fulfills its function perfectly but can also be easily transformed into a fancy design, ideal for avant-garde or art house interior.


The Secret Door

Arnaud Lapierre, a fashion designer from Gaul, has come up with the perfect solution for dressing rooms and built-in wardrobes. In addition to its handy folding mechanism, the door has clothes hooks on the inside. Another Lapierre invention is the design of the disappearing door handle.

You would think, how else could an ordinary door handle be modernized? All configurations can only lie in the plane of design. But the designer Arnaud Lapierre has managed to come up with an innovative door handle concept that disappears when the door is closed.

The door handle, which is on the outside of the room, simply retracts inwards if you pull it towards you from the inside. In fact, that’s the secret. As usual, everything is brilliantly simple!


Doors with an Alternative Design

Another Japanese designer, Oki Sato, has created a series of seven ingenious doors, each with its own personality and style. Want to install a door right in the corner of the room? Nothing could be simpler!

Don’t want to waste precious wall centimeters? Choose a door with integrated shelves or metal filling. With the help of magnets, you can put everything you need – even houseplants! 

The next door in the collection is the ‘Lamp’ door with a built-in light. The designers have integrated a special electronic lock that provides the lamp with electricity. Other doors in the collection have titles: Little Boy, Slide, Wall, Kumiko.


The Door of the Future

Another Japanese designer, Ricky Fukuda, has come up with high-tech automatic doors with special built-in sensors. Automatic doors would seem to be hard to beat. But the door scans the person who enters it and slides open depending on the size of the person. Such a design makes it possible to “travel into the future”.

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