How to Choose the Type and Color of Interior Doors

If you consider the recommendations of professional designers and use them according to the situation, you can choose interior elements that will match each other. Nowadays, the market offers a huge number of different options. Therefore, it is possible that everyone may want to create an original interior, that can be achieved through unobvious and bold color combinations of interior doors with flooring, walls, or furniture.


Door Material

Doors must be chosen according to personal taste. This is a creative process, so choosing the type of door is up to the homeowner. Most often the following materials are used:


In terms of strength and performance, wooden doors are not inferior to products made of metal. Wooden doors always have a very beautiful, respectable appearance. However, their price is rather high.


Doors made of this material make the space more open. Confidentiality is maintained. Glass constructions present a rather unusual solution that significantly changes an otherwise ordinary interior.


PVC is a hard-wearing and versatile plastic.  A standard interior door made of this material is a leaf attached to the frame with a hinge.

Composite doors

Several types of materials are used for combination doors. For example, a combination of wood or metal and glass is not a bad solution. Sometimes metal is also combined with glass.

Matching Colors of Flooring and Interior Doors

The tried and tested method over the years is to match the color of the door with the flooring. The majority of designers rely on this principle when deciding on interior fittings. Doing so is not difficult if the floor is the same everywhere. 

But how to make a choice? Finding a common shade that harmonizes with the color of the doors you want to install can help.


Matching Interior Doors and Furniture

There is another way to pick up the doors, matching them to the furniture. This approach is no less popular than the first. If you want to make the interior more austere, give preference to darker shades.

You could also consider the wenge color option. In order not to overdo it and not to make the room too gloomy, you can choose models with glass inserts, which will let the light through. Alternatively, you can solve the problem of a different interior in each room by installing double-sided doors with a veneer of the desired color. But custom doors are more expensive.


Doors to Match Walls

The walls are often very similar to each other or finished with the same material (plaster, wallcovering, etc.). You can match the color of the doors with the color of the walls. It will be quite appropriate to choose cream-colored doors if the walls are white or beige.

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