Exclusive Designer Entrance Doors: Unusual Trim

When creating exclusive entrance doors, designers don’t forget about the door finishes on the inside. A beautifully finished door allows the door frame to blend in with the surroundings as harmoniously as possible because the combination with the interior is also important. The exterior is the “calling card” of the house.

If the surface faces the street rather than a warm entranceway, it is resistant to rain, frost, sun, and wind. The trim coating also serves as thermal protection. Designers match it to the existing interior in color and texture — the décor should please people inside. In general, the following are the most common types of interior decoration.



To cover the door and the jambs, it is possible to use any suitable paint:- oil, water emulsion, latex. The color is matched to the wall finish — same, contrasting, or complementary depending on the interior style. Before painting, surfaces to be decorated are carefully smoothed, puttied, primed, and dried. Usually, two coats of paint are applied.


Decorative Stone

It has a sophisticated and rich appearance, unusual colors, and natural textures that flatter the geometry of the space and give it originality. Such a product adds extra volume and weight that must be taken into consideration during installation. Gluing is performed on the entire canvas, its individual parts, corners of soffits. The special adhesive is purchased for this purpose. Completely decorated with pseudo stone, the door looks as if it is made of real stone. Brutal yet charming, decorative brickwork makes the styling of a room look really trendy and stylish. 



For interiors with a vintage look, designers even use tapestry fabric as an upholstery material. The decor comes out soft. The fabric is folded up around the perimeter of the door. Large-headed nails are used to keep the covering in place. 



Leather upholstery is the most expensive way to go, which is probably why it’s so rare. Ordinarily, doors are upholstered in leather for the sake of high-end luxury chic. The finish looks nice for many years and has a unique texture. The upholstery manufacturing process is not physically demanding. It is also possible to renew theupholstery on an existing door.


Natural Wood

The material is suitable for any external door. Wood protects well against noise and keeps warmth in without additional insulation. The solid wood of different types is usually used: 

  • stained and bleached oak;
  • cherry wood;
  • maple;
  • walnut;
  • ash;
  • wenge. 

Natural wood is not only eco-friendly, but it is also repairable. It makes it possible to integrate the door into any style of flat design by bleaching, aging, or brushing the surface. As you can see, the advantages of a wooden finish are numerous:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • warmth to the touch;
  • the presence of natural wood grain;
  • variety of colors.

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